Woo-hoo!  Let the good times roll !!!

April 2018
So many great things have happened!  Update will be coming soon 🙂

July 2015
Student researcher, Christina Egwim, won $4,000 to continue her project with Dr. J.

May 2015
After a competitive selection process, Dr J was invited to submit a full grant proposal to NSF.

July 2014
Dr J, Matt, and Tein attended the annual Plant Biology meeting in Portland, Oregon. Matt and Tein did an excellent job presenting their research at the poster session. Dr J presented her Vision & Change Plant Biology educational materials.


May 2014
Dr J helped organize a successful joint meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology & the American Society of Plant Biologists. Nearly 200 scientists met at at SCU and discussed biology. Julie Herman presented her Arabidopsis kinesin research. Yeah science!!!

April 2014
Dr J won a highly competitive FS3 award for summer research funding. $$ 🙂

February 2014
Renovations are complete for the new microscopy suite to house my confocal!

September 2013    Major Score!
NSF awards Dr J $407,000 to purchase a confocal microscope!

June 2013  Dr Jessica and Dr Leilani Miller are awarded over 22K to upgrade the fluorescence microscopy equipment.  These microscopes will be used by student researchers in the Biology and Chemistry departments.  Funding was acquired from the SCU Technology Steering Committee through a competitive process.

May 2013    Lauren Germany wins Johnson’s Fellowship (big deal award)!

May 2013    Lab awarded $13,000 in SCU grants.  Cha-ching!!

Feb 2013     Darisha Jhutty receives an honorable mention in the American Society of Plant Biology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship competition.  Way to go D!

Feb 2013     Dr Jessica chosen as a “Young Female Investigator” by the American Society of Plant Biology.

Feb 2013     Hormonal reorganization paper published in The Plant Cell.
Read it here:

Nov 2012      Dr Jessica awarded $$ to develop teaching materials by the American Society of Plant Biology.

Oct 2012      Lab wins $3K to study plant genetics

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