In both the classroom and in the lab, I engage students in problem solving and analytical thinking.  I combine teaching and research to create a synergistic learning environment that enables blossoming scholars to develop a deep understanding of core biological concepts.


Primary or Co-instructor

Microscopy, Bio146
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Light and Life, Bio4
Instructor, core non-majors class with lab.  The goal of the class is to understand the genetic modifications humans have imposed on other organisms.
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Development 2015Plant Development, Bio128
Instructor, upper division lab courseStudents in this lab-intensive course engage in a genetic project to uncover the role of microtubule associated proteins in plant growth.

Bio 186, Plant Transgenes
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Introduction to Physiology Bio21
Instructor for first class of the introductory biology seriesThe focus of this class is comprehend how plants and animals cope with environmental stresses.  Strategies are discussed across the cellular to organismal scales. 

2011 Cell Biology (Fall)
Co-instructor for a module to teach undergraduate students how to model the cytoskeletal basis of growth, movement, and structure.

2011 Upward Bound Chemistry (Summer)
Summer chemistry teacher for low-income high school students who aspire to be the first members of their families to attend and graduate college. This three week course covered atomic structure, matter, the periodic table, scientific method, and everyday chemistry.

2009 Biological Mechanisms L112 (Fall)
Co-instructor and organizer of learning groups associated with this introductory class for majors at Indiana University (IU). Topics taught: photosynthesis, respiration, molecular biology, transcription, translation, cell cycle, gene regulation, basic genetics, and global warming. I utilized the Oncourse web software to distribute learning materials and to receive assignments from students.
**This course was taught as part of my National Science Foundation FIRST IV Teaching Fellowship.

2001 Plants, People and Society PCMB 101 (Summer)
Primary instructor and lab coordinator of introductory course for majors and nonmajors at OSU. Topics included: cell structure and function, photosynthesis, respiration, plant diversity, plant reproduction, the central dogma and general physiology.

Guest Teacher

2011 Cell Biology L312 (Fall)
Co-instructor for upper level undergraduate class at Indiana University. I taught three classes covering the microtubule, actin, and intermediate filament cytoskeleton.  The vast majority of students commented that my use of analogies and classroom exercises helped their learning.

2011 Foundations of Inquiry SCI 123 (Fall)
How to become a scientist and what you can do with a science degree.

2011 Plant Physiology B373 (Fall)
Mineral uptake, transport and usage.

2010 Integrated Freshman Learning Experience H111 (Fall)
How to design and perform a genetic screen.

2009 Genetics L311 (Spring)
The “hows” and “whys” of genetically modified crop plants.

2009 Developmental Biology L587 (Spring)
Two classes covering red light signaling and the molecular biology of genetically modified plants.

2004 Plant Cell Biology PCMB 648 (Spring)
Co-instructor of graduate course at The Ohio State University (OSU).  I taught six classes covering the cytoskeleton, microtubule associated proteins, cell division, and microscopy.

2004, 2003, 2000 General Plant Biology PCMB 300
Alternation of generations, plant development, plant cell biology.

Lab Instructor

2003, 2001 Plant Anatomy PCMB 643
Lab instructor and organizer for upper level class for biology majors and graduate students at OSU.

2004, 2003, 2000 General Plant Biology PCMB 300
Laboratory teacher for mid-level class for biology science majors at OSU.

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