2012   “Nature under a lens” art exhibition. Co-organizer and co-contributor of show displaying scientific research micrographs at Finch’s art space (Bloomington, IN, Spring) and at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Art Center (Bloomington, IN, July).

2012   Volunteer for ASPB at National Science Teachers Association meeting in Indianapolis, IN.   March 29-April 1.

2012   Helper in local high school AP biology class in Bloomington, IN.  Assisted with a POGIL module investigating plant biology and statistics.  Winter.

2011   Planting Science Mentor.  Fall.

2011    Moderator at Midstates Consortium Math and Science Undergraduate Research Symposium held at Washington University.  October 28.

2011   “Know your veggies” art exhibition displaying botanical research micrographs at the Owlery (Bloomington, IN).  October 7- November 3.

2011   Organizer of field trip to the “Scale-Up” Classrooms at the University of Minnesota Science Teaching and Student Services building during American Society of Plant Biologists Annual meeting. Contributed an article that described event to the ASPB newsletter.

2011   Upward Bounds, summer chemistry teacher for high-school students.

2010 – 2011   IU Biology Green Team, campus energy sustainability initiative. 3rd floor co-composter.

2008 – 2009   21st Century Scholars, program placing high potential, at risk undergraduates with mentors at universities.

2009 – 2011   Led “microteaching” workshops to train new graduate students to teach effectively in the laboratory setting.

2009   Preparing Future Faculty panel member describing life as a post-doc.

2009   NIH National Lab Day. Donated teaching resources to local high schools and helped design native wild flower garden for local school district.

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